A story commences...

Between you and your baby, it's the start of a great adventure.
To make it all the more sweet, add a touch of tenderness in his wardrobe
and dress him in the same way as you love him.

From the first babbling sounds
to the first steps

An inexhaustible source of inspiration for dressing baby, our clothes have always
combined comfort, softness and practicality. Designed for everyday use, they
offer a delicate cocoon from the very first days to the very first months.

Photo d'un bébé qui dort

my first major

0 to 6 months
Pretty, soft and refined articles for the comfort of newborn babies.

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my baby major

3 to 24 months
Delicate, comfortable and practical outfits to follow baby's development.


Belts elasticated and adjustable waistbands to fit baby's shape.


A pair of bloomers combined with and matched to each dress

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Special attention
to every detail.


• Controls throughout the textile production chain by Sergent Major teams
• Products tested in factories and by certified laboratories
• PH neutral fabrics
• Free of aso dyes and formaldehyde
• Buttons and decorations guaranteed free of lead and nickel


• Baby zipper pull covered with padded fabric
• Cotton of a minimum quality of 160g/m2 for T-shirts and vests
• Styles and grading suited to all body shapes
• Soft and supple fabrics


• Reinforced seams
• Strength test on buttons
• Attachment test (buttons, thread, decorations)
• Designed to last (rubbing, washing)


• Machine washable (except for woolen coats)
• Pilling test
• Cleaning test

Serving you and spoiling you
for all occasions.

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